How big is Now?

I sometimes think of the Now as a Universal – a large all-encompassing entity. That may be so, but it also operates on a personal and local level. Just pay attention.

A friend was on a website she rarely visits just to check on a kayak trip a friend was leading, and upon poking around a little, found an upcoming workshop with Paul Winter. She remembered that I had a transformative experience with him almost 20 years ago and sent me an email, less than 2 weeks before the event. I flipped at the opportunity to come full circle, having lived with his improv suggestions for so long. If she had not shared with me, I would have missed it, and she would not have gone alone. She did not email anybody but me.

Instead, we both deepened our comfort with playing the Now, in whatever form it may take – with an instrument, a poem, spontaneous song, a photograph, or by drawing or painting.

May you be listening the next time a small voice rises above the background noise of daily life!

My friend Linda and I in a jam with Paul Winter

My friend Linda and I in a jam with Paul Winter


Blaise Kielar received Honorable Mention in the 2022 Alex Albright Creative Nonfiction Prize for an excerpt from his memoir in progress, "Be Heard: The Quiet Kid Who Started the World’s Loudest Violin Shop." He opened Chapel Hill’s first violin shop in 1978 and retired from a music retail career by transitioning Electric Violin Shop into the first worker-owned co-op music store in the United States. He plays jazz violin and clarinet in several bands and leads the Bulltown Strutters, Durham’s community New Orleans brass band.

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  1. Linda

    And what an incredible experience it was! Thank you for joining me!

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