What emerges from my violin or clarinet has been supplemented for years by written words inspired by different yet complementary modes of creativity. This is the archive of my stories and poems.

  • Blaise Kielar gets a Pushcart Prize Nomination!

    Every year, hundreds of small presses in the US and around the world nominate up to six published pieces for inclusion in the annual anthology, The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses. My essay “Violin Shop: Behind the Velvet Counter” was nominated by the North Carolina Literary Review To me, it is the…

  • Do It Yourself Miracle

    Was it luck or skill? It was said that John, my stepson’s dad, could heal balky electronics just by laying on hands. When my 1963 MGB wouldn’t start, I rocked it back and forth to coax the starter to engage. But when our electric car charger started to shriek loud enough to be heard outside,…

  • Joke of the Day for 3 November 2023

    Why did the hamburger lover refuse to sit at a high top? He needed to lower his cholesterol.