Joke of the Day

On April 3, 2020,, my wife & I started posting a Joke of the Day in our front yard as a neighborhood Covid relief strategy, at first hand lettered and not weather-resistant.

Later I started printing them in Word and added a plastic sleeve to keep the paper dry(ish). When 2 layers of plastic began to fail against our Southern rainstorms, I started looking for some sort of outdoor message board, finding one at a restaurant supply store.

I borrowed some post hole diggers and got to work.

I am glad so many dog walkers and carriage pushers and joggers get a daily smile here! And that my electronic posts go even further. Please leave comments – and share this link with any friend you think might like to subscribe to receive a joke in their inbox every morning. Thank you!

Recently I started to post my Joke of the Day on Substack, a way for writers to have more control over their output. Unlike Facebook, there you can easily look back over the days to find a favorite. If you choose to subscribe you will get an email with each day’s joke (for when you just want the joke without having to scroll through Facebook to find it). You can also post comments. Try it!

You can also go to the link, not subscribe, and still look at the post. And if you put the Substack app on your phone, so can even avoid opening your email!